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Join park rangers, researchers and volunteers as they share their insights, passion and experiences. These videos show the diverse natural and cultural history of Everglades National Park from a variety of perspectives.

Learn more about this national treasure through these videos!

Everglades Mountains And Valleys

NPS Graphic by Nate Shaw

Everglades Mountains and Valleys
(9 part video series with closed-captions)

Everglades National Park is home to diverse and dynamic habitats. Small changes in elevation influence the difference between dry and wet habitats. Explore the Everglades 'Mountains' and 'Valleys' from a fresh perspective with expert guides along the way. This kid-friendly video series features seven main habitats within Everglades National Park.

River Of Grass Burn

NPS Photo by Jennifer Brown

The River of Fire
(13 min. with closed-captions)

The Everglades becomes the River of Fire when fire managers burn the sawgrass prairies. Watch how Everglades National Park uses helicopters and airboats to skillfully conduct a prescribed burn in the fire-dependent sawgrass prairie ecosystem.

Tree Snail

NPS Photo by Jennifer Brown

National Park Week 2012
(30 seconds)

Park rangers interpret Florida Tree Snail (Liguus fasciatus) natural history in a Hardwood Hammock. This video encourages visitors to explore Everglades National Park during National Park Week (April 21-29).

Environmental Education 40th Anniversary

NPS Graphic by Nate Shaw

Everglades Environmental Education: 40th Anniversary Celebration
(8 min. with closed-captions)

Everglades National Park celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Everglades Education Program in 2011. Learn about the history and philosophy of the program from teachers and park staff who helped make this program a success.

Hydro Tech

NPS Photo by Jennifer Brown

Everglades Perspectives: Hydrology Technician
(9 min. with closed-captions)

Get a new aerial and ground perspective of the Everglades with a Hydrology Technician, Fabian Kahn. Join Fabian during peak dry and wet seasons as he checks remote water monitoring stations.

Student Becomes Ranger

NPS Photo by Jennifer Brown

Student Becomes Ranger
(3 min. with closed captions)

Learn about a student who becomes a park ranger in Everglades National Park due to an influential experience at Loop Road Environmental Education Center.

Cape Sable Dams Project


Cape Sable Dams Project
(10 min. with closed captions)

Learn about an important Everglades restoration project in Cape Sable involving the plugging of two canals dug in the 1920's. This dam project was funded by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act.

Slough Slog


Everglades Environmental Education: Slough Slog
(10 min. with closed captions)

Join a 5th grade class exploring a cypress dome during the dry season (i.e., winter) at the Loop Road Environmental Education Center. The students get their feet wet as they learn about aquatic invertebrates, airplants, fish, and so forth!



Hole-in-the-Donut: Habitat Restoration Project
(9 min. with closed captions)

Brazilian Pepper is an invasive shrub that colonized disturbed soil from historic farming within the park. This video chronicles the long-term process to restore the native wetland plant community.



Everglades Invasives: Burmese Pythons and Beyond...
(15 min. with closed captions)

Learn about current research and natural history of top invasive species that threaten Everglades National Park including Burmese python, African jewelfish, and Old World Climbing Fern.

Prescribed fire specialists

Photo by Jennifer Brown

Pine Rocklands and Fire
(11 min. with closed captions)

Fire helps create the rich diversity and open understory in the pine rocklands. Explore a partnership between Everglades Fire Management and this globally imperiled ecosystem.

Park volunteers

NPS Photo by Jennifer Brown

Cypress Cathedral
(7 min. with closed captions)

Experience a cypress dome from the unique perspective of two park volunteers who are botanical artists and biologists. If you really want to experience cypress habitat, talk to a park ranger about doing a slough slog.


NPS Photo by Rodney Cammauf

Wood Stork

NPS Photo by Sarah Zenner

Wood Stork Shuffle
(5 min.)

This endangered species intrigues many park visitors with its odd feeding habits. Watch this narrated slide show to learn more about the Wood Stork's feeding habits.


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