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Everglades National Park YouTube Channel
From scientific findings to virtual tours, enjoy these videos showcasing the park, resources, and hardworking staff behind the scenes.

Everglades Education YouTube Channel
Join our education rangers on a mission to learn as much as we can about Everglades National Park. Fun and educational videos on prescribed fire, restoration, adaptations, and more await you!

A satellite image of Hurricane Andrew after it passed Florida
A satellite image of Hurricane Andrew after it passed Florida

Photo courtesy of NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

Reflecting on Andrew

Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida the early morning of August 24, 1992. This film was uploaded in August 2022 to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of hurricane Andrew. It is a compilation of video interviews with park staff and family reflecting on the impacts of Hurricane Andrew.
A watercolor painting of South Florida showing an artistic rendering of what a restored Everglades would look like. South Florida is depicted with abundant wildlife and deep water levels in the Everglades.
Artistically imagined view of South Florida after the Everglades is restored

NPS painting by Kim Heise

Dreaming of the Everglades (full film)

This film describes the historic function of the Greater Everglades Ecosystem, how humans have re-engineered the system, and how Everglades restoration will improve the health and resilience of this special place. You can also watch individual chapters of the film.
A bird with dark green and red feathers, yellow legs, and a sharp bill wades through the water. There are spatterdock plants in the background.
A Green Heron stalking prey.

NPS Photo by Robert Krayer

Return of the Supercolonies

The 2018 wading bird nesting season brought something not seen in the Everglades since the 1940s- Supercolonies! This stunning video gives park Wildlife Biologist Lori Oberhofer's perspective on this historic event.
A bright yellow sun in shown on the horizon with the words "Warming up to the Adaptation: Everglades National Park" at the bottom of the photo
Rising seas and storm surge threaten the facilities of the park.

NPS photo

Warming Up to Adaptation: Everglades National Park

Learn what's happening at the park to get facilities ready for climate change so that visitors can continue to enjoy this special and unique place.
a black and white photo of platforms are being built around a small mangrove island

Photo courtesy of Ecological Society of America

Island Biogeography at Everglades National Park

Fifty years ago, mangrove islands in Everglades National Park were the subject of a now-famous experiment that tested an important idea about biodiversity. Meet the scientist who conducted it.
Plan Your Visit Videos

"Plan Your Visit" Videos
These videos will help you plan your visit with information about different areas in the park including Royal Palm, Shark Valley, Gulf Coast, Flamingo, and the Main Park Road.
Glades Glimpse Videos

"Glades Glimpse" Videos
These videos show the diverse natural and cultural history of Everglades National Park from a variety of perspectives.


"Everglades Mountains and Valleys" Videos
A fun, educational series about life in different Everglades habitats. Each episode is led by an expert guide. These are perfect for elementary school students, teachers and parents. Visit this page to learn how to request curriculum-based lesson plans for this video series.

Partner Videos

Partner Videos
These videos were produced in partnership
with Everglades National Park. You can find the
Discovery Channel park film, the Waterways
series, and links to PBS productions here.

Video Clips

Video Clips
View or download minimally edited video clips featuring Everglades National Park plants, animals, habitats, visitor activities, and insider perspectives.

American Values

In AMERICAN VALUES: AMERICAN WILDERNESS, a diverse group of Americans, including a teen-age daughter of Cambodian refugees, a children's book author, a cancer survivor, a Native American tribal chairman, inner city kids, and the late Christopher Reeve, among others, share their values for wilderness.

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