Everglades Mountains and Valleys

Everglades National Park is home to diverse and dynamic habitats. Small changes in elevation influence the difference between dry and wet habitats. Explore the Everglades 'Mountains' and 'Valleys' from a fresh perspective with expert guides along the way.

This kid-friendly video series features seven main habitats within Everglades National Park.

Curriculum-based lesson plans are at the bottom of this page.

Everglades Mountains and Valleys on YouTube

Click here to watch this video series on the Everglades National Park YouTube channel.


Lesson Plans
Rangers, and local teachers created the following lesson plans for this video series.

"I Wish I had some Blubber" (PDF) Grade 3-7
"Mangrove Propagule Lab" (PDF) Grade 3-5
"The Everglades are on Fuego" (PDF) Grade 3-9
"Thirst Game - Periphyton" (PDF) Kindergarten
"What is a Slough?" (PDF) Kindergarten
"Sheetflow -Where does it go?" (PDF) Grade 4-6
"Adaptations, and Animal ID" (PDF) Grade 4-6


2013 Teacher-Ranger-Teachers; Marissa Muriel, Laura Armand and Marta Raimundez created the following lesson plans.

Adaptation Finder (PDF) 4-6 grade
Alligator Book (PDF) 4-6 grade
Florida Bay Bistro (PDF) 4-6 grade
Mangranimal (PDF) 4-6 grade
Mangrove Dodge (PDF) 4-6 grade
PineRockland Apartment (PDF) 4-6 grade
Plant Diversity (PDF) 4-6 grade
Receipe for Fire (PDF) 4-6 grade
Slough (PDF) 4-6 grade
Slough 2 (PDF) 4-6 grade
Tropical Hardwood Hammock (PDF) 4-6 grade
Sawgrass Prairie (PDF) 4-6 grade


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