Round trees and shrubs reach up into a cloud-dotted sky.

El Calderon Trail

Spend a few hours on a trail or in some lava tubes!

A cluster of spiny cacti with bright orange flowers grows close to a black rock surface.

Lava Falls Trail

Explore the youngest lava flows in the region!

A wooden trail sign with white text lists trail names and distances.

Continental Divide Trail

Hike a piece or the full length of the CDT

Two person-sized piles of rock tower above shrub-covered rock.

Acoma-Zuni Trail

Take a day to cross lava flows.

Two cavers are silhouetted as they exit a cave towards a forest above.

Big Tubes Area

Explore many lava tube caves in a day!


From strenuous treks over jagged lava flows to moderate loops in the trees, El Malpais has many hikes for you to explore. Feel free to visit or call the El Malpais Visitor Center for more information. PDFs of hiking guides are also available.

While many of our hiking trails are pet friendly, they may not be "paw friendly." Jagged and sharp lava flows can injure your pet's feet and paws. Check out the Pet Page for more information to help keep your pets safe.


Other Things to Do

A caver crawling on their hands and knees shines their light into a wide crawlspace.


See what you'll discover in a lava tube cave!

A smiling park ranger points at wildflowers.

Ranger Programs

Learn something new with a park ranger!

Yellow sandstone takes on a pinkish hue at sunset with sandstone cliffs and a lavender sky at sunset

Scenic Driving

See what you can see from the comfort of your car!

Last updated: August 15, 2021

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