Rivers of Ancient Fires

The richly diverse volcanic landscape of El Malpais (el-mal-pie-EES) offers solitude, recreation, and adventure. Explore incredible geologic features such as lava flows, cinder cones, lava tube caves, and sandstone bluffs. While some may see a desolate environment, people have been adapting to and living in this extraordinary terrain for generations. Come visit the land of frozen fire!

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14 minutes, 36 seconds

El Malpais - Land of Frozen Fire takes viewers on a journey through expansive lava fields, above stunning sandstone cliffs and across ancient trails that are all protected by El Malpais National Monument. The film illustrates how volcanic forces shaped this once-molten landscape that supports a surprising diversity of plant and animal life and a rich cultural legacy for the people who have called this wild landscape home for generations.

A park ranger stands at the edge of a wall of black rocks next to a small pine tree.
Plan Your Adventure

Explore the many things to do at El Malpais.

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Current Conditions

Find out the latest information on park conditions and updates on how to stay safe while enjoying El Malpais.

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Ranger Programs

Learn something new with a park ranger!

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Scenic Driving

See cool landscapes from the comfort of your car.

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Find Your Trail

Head out on a hiking adventure.

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Volcanoes and Lava Flows

Five major lava flows and at least eight volcanic vents created the lava landscape of El Malpais. Learn more about these volcanic features.

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For Teachers

El Malpais National Monument is an outdoor classroom waiting to be discovered.

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Night Skies

Experience the stars at El Malpais.

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Last updated: March 15, 2024

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