Photo of a red tail hawk on the ground with its dinner.

Over 100 bird species occur in the park during some time of the year. Bird species commonly seen include red-tailed hawks, barred owls, eastern bluebirds, and barn swallows. The occasional bald eagle is sometimes seen passing through. The park is part of the Freedom Township Grasslands and it has been designated an Important Bird Area by the state of Pennsylvania and the National Audubon Society due to its habitat for loggerhead shrikes, short-eared owls, and upland sandpipers.

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Climate Change
Birds are useful indicators of ecological change because they are highly mobile and generally conspicuous. As climate in a particular place changes, suitability may worsen for some species and improve for others. These changes in climate may create the potential for local extirpation or new colonization. Climate change is expected to alter the bird community at the Eisenhower National Historic Site.

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