Contracting Officer's Directive (COD)

Contracting Officer (CO), Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Construction Management Representative (CMR), or Project Manager (PM)

  • COR, with assistance from CMR, prepares draft COD Letter, scope of work, justification for change, and cost estimate. COR submits to CO.
  • CO reviews submitted documents and if acceptable, signs COD Letter and submits to Construction Contractor, copying COR and CMR.
  • Upon receiving COD, Construction Contractor starts work on contract change. No later than 10 days after receiving COD, Construction Contractor submits to CMR a proposal for additional work, including time extensions.
  • COR coordinates with CO, CMR, and PM.
    • COR, with assistance from CMR, analyzes Construction Contractor's proposal and provides CO with written report of findings and recommendations.
    • CO and COR, with assistance from CMR:
      • Negotiates with Construction Contractor, if applicable.
      • Prepares modification documents. COD is required to be definitized in a modification within 30 days. (For conversion to modification, see Contract Modifications.)
    • COR, with assistance from CMR, enters COD information into COD log.



Document Control:

  • Original COD Letter to Construction Contractor. Copies to Regional Director, Park Superintendent, PM, Construction COR, CMR, and contract files.

Last updated: November 24, 2021

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