Contract Modifications

Contracting Officer (CO), Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Construction Management Representative (CMR), or Project Manager (PM)

  • Identify potential changes through discussions with COR, Construction Contractor, Suppliers, Designers, Park Staff, and other appropriate sources.
  • Research potential change to determine if change qualifies as a modification and gain concurrence from COR.
  • Determine if potential change will impact project schedule.
  • Draft Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Attach required drawings, specifications and related information. Submit to COR for review. With CO's concurrence, COR will issue RFP. Track RFP status with RFP Log.
  • Prepare Modification Estimate of Cost (CM-5) and justifiy each change item on Justification Letter. Forward to COR for review.
  • Forward comments on time impacts and recommendation for time extension (change must affect critical path) to COR for review. Consider time impacts when preparing independent Government estimate.
  • Use Architect-Engineer (A/E) Designer, as needed, for assistance in pricing unique, highly technical, or complex materials or equipment. Coordinate use and authorization with COR.
  • Analyze Construction Contractor's price proposal and time impact analysis. Prepare Pre-Negotiation Position (CM-54). Forward to COR for review.
  • Assist in negotiations with Construction Contractor. Prepare and sign Record of Negotiation Letter at conclusion of negotiations. Forward to COR.
  • Prepare and forward modification package to COR. Ensure COR has:
  • Include the following backup:
    • CO Directives
    • RFP
    • Government Estimate
    • Pre-Negotiation Position
    • Record of Negotiation
    • Construction Contractor's Proposal
    • Justification Letter
  • Enter information onModification Log. Update log as modification is processed.


  • 2.5.1A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) - Engineer Pamphlets (EP) 1110-1-8
    • Click EP 1110-1-8 (Pub Number column). After the PDF portfolio opens, double-click the appropriate region to open the corresponding Construction Equipment Ownership and Operating Expense Schedule for pricing information.
  • 2.5.1B DSC-06 Pricing of Adjustments (Feb 03)



Last updated: October 26, 2017