Hornbecks Creek Trail

creek flowing over rocks in a forested area
Hornbecks Creek

Length: 1 mile, one-way
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Change: 442 feet
Trailhead Location: directions to Hornbecks Creek trailhead; mile marker 10.4 on US 209 (just south of Chestnut Hill Road); short gravel drive to trailhead
Restrictions: swimming and wading is not permitted in the water within 50 feet upstream of waterfalls and the waterfalls themselves

One of the hidden treasures of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is undoubtedly he Hornbecks Creek Trail, known to some locals as Indian Ladders. The trail follows an old roadbed that meanders along Hornbecks Creek to a lovely waterfall. While the waterfall is a relatively short drop, the symmetrical cliffs and round plunge pool provide a beautiful frame for the falls. The trail used to continue to a second waterfall. However, the trail was precariously set along a steep hill and numerous storms over the last couple of years have caused the hillside to slough, making the trail dangerous. Because recent stabilization attempts did not have a lasting effect, this section is closed and will remain closed until a suitable reroute is constructed. The second waterfall, commonly referred to as the Indian Ladders, may be accessed by walking about a quarter mile from Emory Road. The trail meets Emory Road just south of where the road crosses Hornbecks Creek.

Other Information: directions to trail end on Emory Road

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Last updated: April 14, 2015

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