Boating and Boating Safety

Families put their boats in the water at Poxono boat launch (NJ) NPS Photo M. Cuff
Families put their boats into the Delaware river at Poxono Boat Launch, on Old Mine Road (NJ), eager for a day of fishing and relaxation.


General Boating Information

The Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River offers some of the best and most accessible water recreation opportunities in the northeast United States. This part of the Delaware River is relatively unspoiled as it travels through the rural landscape. The calmness of this area of the river makes this section ideal for boating, canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.

Important Legal Notes:

  • Boats must have a valid state registration.
  • Motorized vessels may not be operated in excess of 5-mph or creating a wake within 500 feet upstream or downstream of the designated swimming area and designated canoe channel, as delineated by regulatory buoys, within the Smithfield/Coppermine Pool and the Milford Beach pool.

  • Personal water craft and waterskiing are prohibited in the park.

  • It is unlawful to operate a vessel while intoxicated.

  • From April 1 through September 30, the speed limit is 10 mph.

  • From October 1 through 31 March 31: the speed limit is 35 mph.

    Want to Learn More?

    Specific legal requirements regarding boating in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River can be found in our published Superintendent's Compendium of Park Regulations.

River Safety and Weather Information

Always Wear Your Lifejacket

Water safety is a big deal here. One of our park's biggest challenges is inexperienced or unprepared visitors suffering a water emergency. During the summer season, our park Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS personnel work hard to protect our visitors. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and others is to wear a lifejacket, or personal flotation device (PFD).


River Mileage
MB Milford Beach, PA 0
NA Namanock Access, NJ 4 0
DF Dingmans Ferry, PA 8 4 0
EA Eshback Access, PA 14 10 6 0
BA Bushkill Access, PA 18 14 10 4 0
PA Poxono Access, NJ 26 22 18 12 8 0
SB Smithfield Beach, PA 28 24 20 14 10 2 0
WSF Worthington SF, NJ 30 26 22 16 12 4 2 0
KP Kittatinny Point, NJ 34 30 26 20 16 8 6 4

Note: Hand launching only at Namanock Access, NJ, and Eshback Access, PA.


Last updated: September 23, 2023

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