Webcam: Sled Dog Puppies

October 2022 update
The Puppy Cam has been turned off for the season. Thank you for tuning in and watching our puppies grow!

The camera is turned off each winter when daylight hours are limited and the dogs are often out on the trail. We'll be back online next year to share the next litter of pups! In the meantime, keep an eye out for pup-dates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to continue following the dogs' adventures over the winter.


Meet the Pups: 2022 Denali Kennels Centennial Litter

A collage of three photos. Each photo shows one of the three puppies being held in a person's hands. One puppy is brown and white and the other two are black and white.
The 2022 pups

NPS Photos

Left to right: Bos'n (m), Skipper (f), Mike (m)

About the Names

In commemoration of our 100th year of operation, these puppies share their names with the first dogs acquired to patrol the park in 1922. The pups were born on June 18, 2022. The sire is our lead dog Steward, and the dame, Olive, comes from a well-respected partner kennel in Healy, Alaska. Arranged breedings and splitting litters with partners strengthens the health of our kennel's lineage, as well as the health of all freight-style Alaskan huskies. In late August, two puppies (Dynamite and Rowdy), along with their mother Olive, returned to their home kennel as planned. The remaining three puppies will continue on their path to becoming our next canine rangers.

Image of sled dog pups in the 1930s
Waiting at a threshold in Savage Camp, 1936

Courtesy Candy Waugaman Collection

More Than Cute

Mushing is a cultural tradition across Alaska that dates back many thousands of years. It also provides the National Park Service the most effective available means to patrol vast areas of designated Wilderness during the long winter season.

Managers of the historic Denali sled dog kennels take great care in breeding for qualities suitable for the challenges and responsibilities of a Denali sled dog. Physical traits include long legs to break trail through deep snow, compact paws to resist build up of ice between toes, and sturdy coats and puffy tails to keep warm in the depths of sub-arctic winter. Character traits include tenacity, an unbridled love to pull and run as part of a team, and social skills that tolerate attention of many thousands of admirers to visit the kennels each summer.

Last updated: January 20, 2023

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