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Welcome to the possibilities of conducting research in the shadow of Denali. While the park employs several scientists, there are myriad opportunities for students and academic professionals to conduct research in this sub-arctic wilderness.


Resources for Researchers

  • Applying to Conduct Research at Denali

    General and specific guidance for developing research projects and writing study plans (research proposals) for Denali that will be most compatible with Denali's wilderness landscapes, and thus encounter the least obstacles during review.

  • Map of Current Wildlife Closures
    Learn the locations of permanent and temporary wildlife closures by consulting these maps. These areas are off limits to research except in rare instances. Closure maps are arranged by section of the Denali Park Road (Miles 0-30, 30-60, 60-90+). Researchers, please walk and work around these wildlife closures.

  • Curatorial Requirements for Researchers Intending to Collect in Denali
    How to comply with regulations about collecting in Denali--arranging a loan repository, what to do before you arrive at the park to collect, what needs to be recorded during your field collections, and responsibilities for researchers after collecting and after cataloging.

  • Sharing Your Research
    Ideas for sharing your research with others. Sharing your research builds support for future research opportunities.

Last updated: November 8, 2023

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