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At 6 millions acres it is practically impossible to explore every corner of this vast national park. With Denali’s science summaries, however, you can explore research that touches every nook and cranny of this beautiful park from the comfort of your home. Delve into exciting topics that vary from the number of large mammals that call this park home to how we compost human waste from Denali with worms.

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a close up of a three-toed dinosaur track
Earth Science

Discover Denali's prehistoric past, how glaciers carve the Earth, and why exactly Denali is so tall.

a moose grazes on pink flowers
Biological Sciences

Find out how many large mammals call Denali home, where the Denali caribou herd roams, and how wood frogs survive the winter.

a man throws out a fishing net from his boat
History and Culture

Learn about the mysterious painted fossil bison skull, how ice patches can preserve artifacts, and how Denali protects cultural resources

a group of visitors excitedly point into a forest
Social Science

Find out how many visitors Denali gets annually and what they do when they come to the park.

a climate station sits in front of a glacier
Climate Change

Discover how the changing climate is influencing vegetation change, what researchers can learn from ice cores, and why glaciers are melting.

a bus of visitors watches on as a caribou grazes
Park Management

Find out if wolf viewing opportunities are at risk, how the park protects experiences along the park road, and how worm help compost


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Last updated: June 4, 2019

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