Pets are welcome at Crater Lake National Park, but only in certain areas.

Pets on leash are allowed on paved roads that are free of significant snow, in parking lots that are free of signficant snow, and up to 50 feet away from these paved, snow-free areas. Leashes must be no more than 6 feet in length, and only one pet per walker is allowed. Solid waste must be picked up immediately and disposed of properly (in a trash can or toilet).

In the summer and fall, one great place to walk your dog is along the 1/4-mile paved promenade at Rim Village, where you (and your dog) can get fine views of the lake. You can also walk your dog through the campground loops at Mazama Village. In the winter and spring, the most popular place to walk a dog is in the Rim Village parking lot. You can also walk your dog on top of the snowbank beside the parking lot, as long as you don't venture more than 50 feet away.

In the summer and fall, pets are also allowed on several of the park's hiking trails. These trails are pleasant walks but do not offer any views of the lake:

- The Godfrey Glen Trail (as long as the trail is free of significant snow)
- The Lady of the Woods Trail (as long as the trail is free of significant snow)
- The Grayback Drive (as long as the trail is free of significant snow)
- The Pacific Crest Trail (the official PCT, not the "alternate" PCT along the rim of the lake)

In the winter and spring, pets are allowed only on one park trail: the Pacific Crest Trail, which is open to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The Pacific Crest Trail is open year-round to pets, whether it is covered by snow or not.

Pets are not allowed on other park trails, off-trail, or on unplowed roads. They are also not allowed inside park buildings, including Crater Lake Lodge and the Mazama Village Cabins. Service animals are exempt from these regulations. Service dogs are allowed on park trails and also on boat tours.

You may leave your pet, unattended, inside your vehicle (provided that the conditions inside your vehicle do not pose a threat to the animal's health). You may not leave your pet unattended outside your vehicle, tied to a tree or car. There are no kenneling services in the park. The closest kennels are one hour away in Klamath Falls.

Thank you for complying with these regulations, which are designed to protect pets, their owners, park wildlife, and other park visitors. We hope that you and your pet have a fun and memorable visit to the park.

Last updated: February 27, 2021

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