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The park's newspaper and visitor guide, Crater Lake Reflections, is the best source of information for planning a trip to the park. It's published twice a year. The summer/fall edition typically comes out in early June; the winter/spring edition usually arrives in early December.

Arriving in May or June? Unfortunately, neither edition will be very helpful. Instead, read our overview of visiting in May and June.

Cover of Winter 2017-18 Park Newspaper

Winter/Spring Edition

Visiting between November and April? Download the winter/spring edition for information on ranger-led snowshoe tours, ski trails, and winter closures.

Winter/Spring 2017-2018 [3.5 MB PDF]

Cover of Summer 2017 Park Newspaper

Summer/Fall Edition

Visiting between July and October? Download the summer/fall edition to learn about hiking trails, boat tours, and other park attractions.

Summer/Fall 2017 [4.5 MB PDF]


Past Editions

Past editions of the summer/fall newspaper are worth downloading for the interesting articles that appeared on pages 6 & 7.

Summer/Fall 2016 [5.2 MB PDF] - Learn about the return of wolves to the Oregon Cascades, the largest fire in the park's history, and the effect that climate change might have on the lake's circulation.

Summer/Fall 2015 [5.0 MB PDF] - Learn about the lake's invasive crayfish, the imperiled Mazama Newt, Crater Lake rockcress (a rare plant), mammal surveys using remote cameras, and the history of Crater Lake Lodge.

Summer/Fall 2014 [2.9 MB PDF] - Learn about the park's history of fire suppression, how the park fights invasive plants, and the submarine that explored the floor of Crater Lake in 1988-89.

Summer/Fall 2013 [3.0 MB PDF] - Learn about the construction of the first road around Crater Lake, a high-resolution Lidar (laser) survey of the park, and the Sierra-Nevada red fox.

Summer/Fall 2012 [2.7 MB PDF] - Learn about Clark's nutcrackers, the decline of the whitebark pine, the restoration of the park's only native fish (bull trout), and the amazing clarity of Crater Lake's water.

Summer/Fall 2011 [3.1 MB PDF] - Learn about the American pika, the park's declining snowfall, the park's founding father (Will Steel), and how human noise might be affecting park species.

Summer/Fall 2010 [2.7 MB PDF] - Learn about pumice moonwort (a rare fern), the park's artist-in-residence program, and how geologists are monitoring our volcano.

Summer/Fall 2009 [2.1 MB PDF] - Learn about the lichen "bioblitz" survey and the 1959 proposal to build a gondola to Wizard Island.

Summer/Fall 2008 [1.9 MB PDF] - Learn about the mountain pine beetle epidemic and the thick beds of moss living deep in Crater Lake.

Last updated: January 12, 2018

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