"All The World is Watching Us"

Little Rock Central High School, the only operating high school in the nation to be designated a National Historic Site, is a place important beyond its past.  Come and learn how the sacrifice and struggle endured by nine African-Americans teenagers over a half century ago have provided opportunities and opened doors to those seeking equality – and education - around the world.

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Schedule a interpretive tour that enters Little Rock Central High School; reservations are required for these weekday-only programs.

Learn more about an ongoing work inspired by the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress

Central High Civil Rights Memory Project

The Memory Project immerses students in the oral history of civil rights and human rights through inter-generational learning.

link to a walking tour that narrates the story of desegregation at Central High School NHS

Words That Matter

Created by the Central High Memory Project, this audio walking tour follows the initial moments of the September '57 desegregation crisis.

High school students in service to their community

Youth Leadership Academy (YLA)

The YLA empowers young leaders and promotes volunteerism, nonviolence, and stewardship for the National Park Service.

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Calendar of Events

The park's calendar includes information on daily activities, evening programs, special events, etc.

Oral histories from the events at LRCHS

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Moments, Meanings, and Memory from the events at Central High

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