Ranger Programs

Ranger in flat hat, holding photos and diagrams up in front of audience of three people, with a background of colorful rock layers and formations.
Rangers give daily geology talks.

NPS/ S. Cotrell

Park staff offer a variety of interpretive programs daily, spring through fall. Program types, times, and locations vary throughout the year and are subject to last-minute changes due to weather or other factors. See the calendar, or check at the Capitol Reef Visitor Center upon arrival for more details.

Year-round Programs

  • Geology Talk
    Discover the geologic story of Capitol Reef; 30 minutes. Daily. Check the
    calendar for time and location.
  • Junior Ranger Program
    Request a Junior Ranger activity book at the visitor center, and complete the activities to learn about the park and earn a badge.

    The Junior Ranger Booklet is also available in thirteen additional languages. Please ask at the visitor center or email the park for one of the following text-only translations: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish.

Summer Programs (mid May to mid October)

Check at the visitor center or campground bulletin boards for locations, topics, and times.

  • Archeology Talk - daily
    Learn about cultures that call this place home; 30 minutes.
  • Geology Talk - daily
    Discover the geologic story of Capitol Reef; 30 minutes.
  • Evening Program - daily near sunset
    Topics and start times vary, check at the visitor center or campground bulletin boards for details. Meet at the Fruita Campground amphitheater; 1 hour.
  • Astronomy Program - several nights per week
    Start times vary, check at the visitor center or campground bulletin boards for details; 30 minutes to 1 hour.
A sky full of stars with the denser milky way in the middle. A person in silhouette points to the stars.

NPS / J. Zylland

Special Events

Heritage StarFest

Heritage StarFest celebrates the incredible night skies of Capitol Reef and Wayne County. This two day event takes place each fall with activities both in the park and in the neighboring town of Torrey.

In 2023, Heritage StarFest will take place September 15 and 16. Check out the event page for more details about this year's event!

Annular Eclipse

Witness an event that will captivate most of the western United States. On October 14, 2023, the Moon will pass between the Sun and Earth to form a "ring of fire" around the Moon. For a little over 4 minutes, visitors at Capitol Reef National Park will have an opportunity to witness the eclipse maximum from various locations, each with a unique experience.

Check out the Annular Eclipse page for more details about this rare opportunity.

Last updated: April 18, 2023

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