• A yellow bird with black and white wings and a black beak perched on a branch with green leaves

    More than 230 bird species have been documented in the park.

  • A gray toad with plentiful red dots sits in gray sand and small stones.

    Learn about the 5 species of amphibians in the park.

  • A large rodent with yellowish brown fur peeks out from behind a light brown tree with furrowed bark

    Capitol Reef is home to mammals big and small.

  • A light brown lizard sits at the edge of a similarly colored slab of sandstone.

    Check out the snakes and lizards of Capitol Reef.

  • A cream colored fist with an orange striped across its side in shallow water with pebbles

    Water sources like the Fremont River and Sulphur Creek support a variety of fish species.

  • A gray bird perched on a wooden fencepost.
    Species Lists

    Find the species lists for plants and animals found in Capitol Reef.


Capitol Reef encompasses several different ecological zones including high, cool evergreen dotted peaks, densely vegetated riparian zones, and dry, hot desert. This variety of habitats supports diverse communities of wildlife. The ecology site bulletin contains more information on how habitats impact animal species.

Learn more about Capitol Reef's wildlife by downloading the bird checklist and wildlife checklist.

Discover the wide variety of animals that live in the Northern Colorado Plateau region.


Additional Wildlife Information

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    Last updated: May 7, 2024

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