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The National Park Service (NPS) spends approximately $300-$400 million annually for goods and services acquired under contract. Over 90% of these contracts are awarded to small businesses. The majority of the procurement dollars is spent in the area of construction. The remainder is spent for information technology hardware, software and services; maintenance services; professional services (including architect and engineer services); and heavy equipment and various other supply type items.

Contracting and Procurement

National parks have buildings to construct, roads to pave, wastewater treatment plants to operate, and leaky roofs to repair. NPS offices purchase furniture, vehicles, office equipment and a host of other products. The NPS issues all bids and requests for proposals through the federal government's electronic business portal.

Capitol Reef National Park contracts for supplies, services, and construction.

All actions expected to exceed $25,000 are posted on the Federal Government Business Opportunities website.

For information about current contracting opportunities or to request information about upcoming procurement actions at Capitol Reef National Park contact our Contract Specialist at (435) 425-4123.

For more information on registering your business for federal contracting opportunities, click here.

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