Canyonlands National Park sits in the high desert of the Colorado Plateau. Here we see geological processes at work creating the canyons, river corridors, and rock formations. The desert environment determines the type of life forms that live here. Use the links below to explore the nature of Canyonlands.

Nature at Canyonlands

  • a green lizard with a yellow head

    Learn about the different animals that live at Canyonlands.

  • a red flower with pointed petals

    Explore the plant species that call Canyonlands home.

  • black, knobby soil crust
    Other Life Forms

    Besides plants and animals, there are other tiny life forms that are vital to the desert.

  • a tall sandstone tower with crumbled slopes beneath

    Explore the geological features and formations found at Canyonlands.

  • a star-filled sky over silhouetted rock formations
    Environmental Factors

    Clean air, good water, dark night skies, and exotic species all have an environmental influence on the landscape we enjoy.

  • a river beneath tall canyon walls
    Natural Features & Ecosystems

    Rivers, pools, soils, and deserts are natural features of the Canyonlands area.

  • a black raven
    Species Lists

    View lists of plant and animal species found at Canyonlands.

a bird with a bright yellow breast perches on a branch surrounded by green vegetation
Yellow-breasted Chat


Explore Biodiversity

Have you ever taken a picture of a flower, or butterfly, or an unusual mushroom? You can also keep track of the biodiversity you see when you are in a national park, or where ever you go, with iNaturalist. Learn more about how you can help document the various life forms in our national parks. Explore Biodiversity.
Check out the Canyonlands iNaturalist project.


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