O Radiant Dark! O Starry Night!

The night sky has inspired us for generations. With the night comes dazzling pinpoints of light, and the Milky Way unfurled in luminous mystery. Nighttime views and environments are among the critical park features the National Park Service protects. Night sky protection enhances qualities of solitude and undeveloped wilderness character that animals depend on for survival, park visitors seek for connections, and many cultural-historical parks require for preservation. In this regard, the NPS recognizes a naturally dark night sky as more than a scenic canvas; it is part of a complex ecosystem that supports both natural and cultural resources.

Black and white close up view of park ranger looking through a telescope to the night sky.

Where to Stargaze

A whole new world comes alive at night and is waiting to be explored.

Photo shows the shimmering northern lights in the night sky above silhouetted trees.

The Night Sky at Voyageurs National Park

Views of Northern Lights and other celestial features beckon from above at Voyageurs National Park.

A Women's History in National Park poster features a cut-out figure of a woman flexing her muscle

Women in Science Profile

Female scientists with the NPS reflect on the value of STEM leadership for girls, young women.