Fees & Passes

Entrance Fee
There is currently no entrance fee for Castle Mountains National Monument. National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands passes are available at nearby Kelso Depot Visitor Center and Hole-in-the-Wall Information Center in Mojave National Preserve.

Camping Fees & Reservations
There are no developed campgrounds within Castle Mountains. Roadside camping is permitted in previously established sites. Camping is also available in the neighboring Mojave National Preserve. With the exception of the Black Canyon Group and Equestrian Campground, camping reservations are not accepted. Fees may apply. Click here for more camping information.

Special Use Permits

Special use permits are required for all organized events. Events include but are not limited to tours, weddings, First Amendment activities, sporting events, and other gatherings.

Special use permits are also required for maintenance and repair activities by utility companies with right-of-way permits or grants.

The special use permit application includes instructions and fee requirements. Proof of insurance and posting of a bond may also be required. For more information, call (760) 252-6107 or email us.

Commercial Filming & Photography Permits
A Commercial Filming/ Photography Permit is required for any filming or photography that includes the use of sets, props or models, requires entry into a closed area, or requires access to the park after normal working hours. Proof of insurance and posting of a bond may also be required.

There is a short-form application for productions with minimal equipment and few people, and long-form application for commercial features and more complex requests.

For more information, call (760) 252-6107 or email us.

Commercial Use Authorizations
A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) authorizes appropriate commercial services to Preserve visitors in limited circumstances. A CUA may be issued only for services that:

  • Are determined to be an appropriate use of Castle Mountains National Monument;
  • Will have minimal impact on park resources and values;
  • Are consistent with the purpose for which the Preserve was established, as well as all applicable management plans, park policies and regulations.

Commercial uses include businesses that provide any or all goods, activities, services, agreements or other things offered to the general public which take place at least in part in the park, uses park resources, and are undertaken for or results in compensation, monetary gain, benefit or profit to an individual, organization, or corporation, whether or not such entity is organized for purposes recognized as non-profit under local, state or Federal law.

The CUA application form includes instructions and fee requirements.

If you have been issued a CUA to conduct business activities that provide visitor services within Mojave National Preserve, please complete the CUA Monthly Survey and CUA Annual Survey. Click on this link for a sample Visitor Acknowledgement of Risk form.

For more information, call (760) 252-6107 or email us.

Payment Options
Permit fees may be paid by check or credit card.

To pay by check, submit payment with the application. Make checks payable to National Park Service.

To pay by credit card, submit the application, then email or call us at (760) 252-6107 for a permit number. This number is required when making credit card payments at www.pay.gov.

Last updated: February 19, 2019

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