Fees & Passes

Entrance Fee
There is currently no entrance fee for Castle Mountains National Monument.

Camping Fees & Reservations
There are no developed campgrounds within Castle Mountains. Primitive camping is permitted in previously established sites. Camping is also available in the neighboring Mojave National Preserve. With the exception of the Black Canyon Group and Equestrian Campground, camping reservations are not accepted. Fees may apply. Click here for more camping information.

Basic Permit Information
Permits are required to conduct various activities including, but not limited to:

  • Recreational events with groups with 7 or more horses or vehicles (including motorcycles), or with 25 or more people
  • College field trips with 25 or more students
  • Equestrian rides with 7 or more horses
  • Installation of game or trail camera(s)
  • Organized events such as sports events, entertainment, or ceremonies
  • Public assemblies, meetings gatherings, demonstrations, parades, and other public expressions of view when more than 25 persons are involved
  • Livestock use
  • Scattering of human ashes from cremation
  • Operating commercial vehicles
  • Commercial still photography with sets, props or models
  • Commercial audio recording where members of the public are generally not allowed; involving equipment that requires mechanical transport; involving equipment that requires an external power source other than a battery pack; or requiring management and oversight of the permitted activity
  • Construction, such as maintenance and repairs on utilities with authorized rights-of-way
Costs include a non-refundable application fee, plus possible administrative processing and monitoring costs. Proof of insurance and posting of a bond may also be required. Allow two weeks for common recreational activities. More complex requests such as sporting events or construction will require more time to review; contact Mojave National Preserve, Special Park Uses Office for more information.

Filming at Castle Mountains National Monument

Those interested in filming activities at Castle Mountains National Monument are encouraged to contact us for more information about filming in the park and to discuss how to minimize potential impacts to visitors and sensitive park resources.

Do I need a permit to film?

Low-impact filming activities do not require a special use permit, but non-low-impact filming activities may require a permit to address their potential impacts on park resources and visitor activities.

Low-Impact Filming

“Low-impact filming’ is defined as outdoor filming activities in areas open to the public, except areas managed as wilderness, involving five people or fewer and equipment that will be carried at all times, except for small tripods used to hold cameras. Those participating in low-impact filming activities do not need a permit and are not required to contact the park in advance. If low-impact filmers have questions about areas where they want to film, they should contact us.

We remind videographers, filmers, producers, directors, news, and other staff associated with filming that rules and regulations that apply to all park visitors, including park hours and closed areas, still apply to filming activities even if a permit is not required. Check with us for more information on closures, sensitive resources, and other safety tips.

Non-Low-Impact Filming

Filming activities that do not meet the description of low-impact filming require at least ten days advance notice to us. The park’s superintendent determines whether the filming activities requires a special use permit for filming. Based on the information provided, a permit may be required to: maintain public health and safety; protect environmental or scenic values; protect natural or cultural resources; allow for equitable allocation or use of facilities; or avoid conflict among visitor use activities.

Examples of requests that may require a permit include, but are not limited to: entering a sensitive resource area; filming in areas that require tickets to enter; or filming in visitor centers, campgrounds, or other visitor areas. The decision to require a permit rests with our superintendent based on potential impacts to park resources or the visitor experience.

Contact us if you are unsure whether a filming activity is considered low-impact or may require a permit.

Filming in Wilderness Areas

Castle Mountains National Monument manages many of acres of designated wilderness. These areas have additional laws and policies to preserve their wilderness character for future generations. Filming activities in wilderness areas must follow all applicable laws and regulations that govern wilderness areas in the park, including prohibitions on structures, installations, motor vehicles, mechanical transport, motorized equipment, motorboats, or landing of aircrafts.

Except for casual filming by visitors, special use permits for filming are required for all filming activities in wilderness areas, no matter the group size or equipment used. If you have questions about filming in or near wilderness areas please contact us.

Commercial Still Photography Permits

A Still Photography Permit is required for any filming or photography that includes the use of sets, props or models, requires entry into a closed area, or requires access to the park after normal working hours.

Costs include a non-refundable application fee, administrative processing and monitoring costs, and location fees. Location fees may be waived for documentary projects with two people, one camera, and one vehicle. Proof of insurance and posting of a bond may be required. Contact Mojave National Preserve, Special Park Uses Office for more information and allow at least one month for commercial still photography requests.

Commercial Use Authorizations

A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) authorizes appropriate commercial services to Preserve visitors in limited circumstances. A CUA may be issued only for services that:
  • Are determined to be an appropriate use of Castle Mountains National Monument;
  • Will have minimal impact on park resources and values; and
  • Are consistent with the purpose for which the Monument was established, as well as all applicable management plans, park policies and regulations.
Commercial uses include businesses that provide any or all goods, activities, services, agreements or other things offered to the general public which take place at least in part in the park, uses park resources, and are undertaken for or results in compensation, monetary gain, benefit or profit to an individual, organization, or corporation, whether or not such entity is organized for purposes recognized as non-profit under local, state or Federal law. Commercial service providers may not require waivers of liability, but may have their customers agree to a Visitor Acknowledgement of Risk.

Costs include a non-refundable application fee and possible administrative monitoring. Proof of insurance is required; instructions are provided in the application form. Posting of a bond might also be required. Contact the Mojave National Preserve, Special Park Uses Office for more information.

Road Based Commercial Tours require CUAs to operate in Castle Mountains National Monument. Activities considered Road-Based Commercial Tours:
  • Have one or more persons;
  • Travel on an improved roadway;
  • Follow an itinerary packaged, priced or sold by a third party for leisure/recreational purposes; and
  • Provide no other services except those incidental to road-based travel in a national park unit (e.g., on-board interpretation, incidental stops at visitor centers, restaurants, wayside exhibits, etc.).

All Commercial Use Authorization holders must complete and submit monthly and annual survey reports.

Cost Recovery
Special use permits have application fees plus processing and monitoring costs. Commercial still photography permits additionally have location fees. Permit fees and costs are waived for educational groups, and location fees waived for small documentary shoots.

Commercial use authorizations have non-refundable application fees and can also have administrative management fees. CUAs for road-based commercial tours have non-refundable application fees plus $5 per person for visitors aged 16 and older.

All fees and costs must be paid before a permit may be issued.

Payment Options
Permit fees and costs may be paid by electronic transaction or check.

To pay by credit card, submit the application, then email or call (760) 252-6104 for a reference number. This number is required for all Castle Mountains National Monument transactions in www.pay.gov.

To pay by check, submit payment with the application. Make checks payable to National Park Service.

Forms & Inquiries
Special Use Permit Application
Commercial Vehicle Special Use Permit Application
Commercial Still Photography Short Form Application
Commercial Still Photography Long Form Application
Commercial Use Authorization Application - Please email moja_permits@nps.gov or call 760-252-6104 for an application.
Commercial Use Authorization Monthly Survey Form
Commercial Use Authorization Annual Survey Form
Visitor Acknowledgement of Risk

For more information, send an email or call (760) 252-6104.

Scientific Research & Collecting Permit
A permit is required to engage in research activities within the park. To apply for a research and collecting permit, visit the NPS Research Permit and Reporting System webpage. The RPRS website has information on necessary procedures and requirements.

Last updated: March 9, 2021

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