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GIS Data and Information

For Geographic Information System data regarding the California National Historic Trail, please visit the Resource Information Management page of the National Trails office website.


Other Federal Trail Agencies

  • Bureau of Land Management Historic Trails Office
    This is the primary BLM information office for the Oregon, California, Mormon, and Pony Express National Historic Trails. They have information on trail routes, historic sites, accessibility, and trail conditions.
  • Bureau of Land Management Deep Creek Resource Area Office
    38 South Main
    Malad City, ID 83252
    The Deep Creek Resource Area Office manages The Hudspeth's Cutoff (an alternate route from the Oregon Trail to the head of the California Trail). The publication "Emigrant Trails of Southern Idaho" is available from them.
  • Bureau of Land Management Eastern Idaho Visitor Information Center
    The Eastern Idaho Visitor Information Center has Idaho state maps, and various maps (National Forest service, BLM Surface Management and USGS 7.5 Minute Topos) of Idaho and western Wyoming, as well as books on Idaho and surrounding attractions.
  • Pocatello Resource Area
    Pocatello Resource Area is where several historic trail segments crossed. It has several pamphlets on trails in the area and the publication "Emigrant Trails of Southern Idaho."
  • Bureau of Land Management Nevada State Office
    The Nevada State Office has general statewide information on the Pony Express and California Trails. BLM-Winnemucca District manages the Applegate-Lassen segment of the California Trail in Nevada. It can provide information on accessibility and trail conditions across their management area.
  • BLM-Surprise Resource Area
    The Surprise Resource Area manages a section of the Applegate/Lassen route of the California Trail in California. It has information on trail conditions and accessibility through High Rock Canyon and Surprise Valley.
  • Caribou-Targhee National Forest
    Caribou-Targhee National Forest can provide information on travel in southeast Idaho, the Lander Cutoff and Soda Springs.
  • Plumas National Forest
    Plumas National Forest has a brochure on the Beckwourth Trail route (a branch of the California Trail System) and information on accessibility and trail conditions.
  • Tahoe National Forest
    Tahoe National Forest has a detailed map of the California Trail across the Tahoe National Forest and information on trail conditions and accessibility.

State Historic Sites and Organizations

  • Rock Creek Station State Historic Park
    Rock Creek Station State Historic Park was a road ranch which catered to stages, freight lines, and emigrant traffic on the Oregon Trail. It was used as a stage station and swing station on the Pony Express. It has an interpretive center, picnic and playground areas, hiking and nature trails, and Oregon Trail ruts and modern campground
  • Fort Kearny State Historical Park
    Fort Kearny State Historic Park was the first military post along the Oregon Trail. It has a museum, outdoor exhibits, and bookstore.
  • Ash Hollow State Historical Park
    This site has prominent Oregon Trail ruts, Windlass Hill, museum, and outdoor exhibits.
  • Fort Sedgewick Depot Museum was the site of a pony express station and Fort Sedgewick, which has exhibits and information on the Pony Express and South Platte River Trail. Write:
    Fort Sedgewick Depot Museum
    P.O. Box 69
    Julesburg, CO 80737
  • Fort Bridger State Historic Site
    Fort Bridger State Historic Site has a restored military and fur trade post, museum, and outdoor exhibits. It also has information on Oregon, California, Pony Express, and Mormon Trails in southwest Wyoming.
  • Utah Division of Parks and Recreation
    Utah Division of Parks and Recreation has information on the Hastings Cutoff Route in Temple Utah, especially the hiking segment between Mormon Flat and Big Mountain.
  • The Oregon Trail Coordinating Council can provide detailed information on the Oregon Trail across the state of Oregon:
    Oregon Trail Coordinating Council
    222 NW Davis, Suite 309
    Portland, OR 97205
  • Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
    This park has information on Coloma; gold discovery site on the South Fork of the American River.

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