FREE LAND was the Cry!

The Homestead Act of 1862 transformed the world. Millions were invited to file claims including families, women, immigrants, and formerly enslaved people. Over 10 percent of the United States was homesteaded! The land, long inhabited by indigenous cultures, changed forever. Homesteaders created settlements and farms, drove industrial advancement, and built our nation chasing the American Dream. Read More

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Millions of People, Millions of Stories

Discover homesteading stories of migration, risk taking, labor, sacrifice, hardship, and courage in the face of daunting odds.

Black man sits with his daughter in front of the National Archives in Washington D.C.
Homestead Roots Deep in the South

A NEW mini documentary about sharing family history and the discovery of homestead roots in the South.

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Plan your visit to Homestead

Considering a visit to Homestead? Use these suggestions to see what you can do!

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Learn more about Homestead NHP

Learn fun facts about homesteading and Homestead National Historical Park!

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Research Homestead Land Records

Continue your research! Access Homestead Land Record case files today.

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Submit a Homestead Story

By acquiring historic homestead Land Entry Records, write and submit a story along with the records to add to the park's repository!

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Activities for Kids

Learn about kids activities at the park including Junior Ranger books and online activities!

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Photos & Multimedia

View photos and videos about the homesteading story, Homestead NHP, past and present events, podcasts, and more.

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Garlic Mustard removal events

Come out to assist every Saturday starting on April 20, 2024, and continuing through June 1, 2024, except for May 25, 2024 (Fiddle Festival)

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Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival, 2024

Fiddle workshop, competitions, jam session, and buck dancing workshop with Hillary Klug! May 25 and 26, 2024.

Image of Sean Astin wearing a black suit coat, white shirt, black tie, and glasses.
Homestead Days, 2024

Homestead Days celebration takes place June 21-23, 2024. The acclaimed actor, Sean Astin, will be present and providing a keynote speech.

Last updated: May 7, 2024

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