FREE LAND was the cry!

With the promise of Free Land, the Homestead Act of 1862 enticed millions to cultivate the frontier. Families, immigrants, women, and freed slaves flooded 10 percent of the nation’s land to chase their American Dream. American Indian cultures and natural environments gave way to diverse settlement, agricultural success, and industrial advancement—building our nation and changing the land forever. Read More

Bus Tours Welcome

Bus Tours Welcome

No FEES or Permits required. Cater your groups Homestead experience today!

Learn how to Square Dance! All ages welcome!

Square Dance Workshops

All ages are welcome to learn the art of Square Dancing! Come one, come all and find your corners. Do-si-do, here we go!

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

2020 Film Festival

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Watch this video and learn how Latino homesteaders claimed free land under the Homestead Act of 1862

Latino homesteaders, a research focus.

Watch this video and learn how Latino Heritage Intern, Veronica Barreto, discovered fascinating facts about Latino homesteaders.

Two black men and two black women stand in front of a frame house. Photo is black and white.

New Research into Black Homesteading

The National Park Service and the University of Nebraska are partnering to discover the stories of Black homesteader colonies.

Artifacts in the museum collection related to Daniel Freeman

Museum Collection

The museum collection includes historical items, archaeological artifacts, biological specimens, and archival records.

A palm sized dickcissel perches on top of a tall yellow compass plant flower.

Explore Homestead's natural areas

The natural areas at Homestead offer a window to the past, a place for exploration and reflection.

10 State's Homestead Records Now Online.

Access Homestead Records!

Continue your research! Access Homestead Land Record case files today.

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