Resource Information Management

Person in front of a Pony Express station building that is made out of stone with a wood roof.
RIM team member gathering coordinate information via GPS equipment at the Simpson’s Spring Station on the Pony Express National Historic Trail. This was one stop in a large project to amass coordinates for Pony Express stations in western Utah.


Resource Information Management Team (RIM)

We work with partner associations and other organizations to capture, store, retrieve, analyze, and share geographic information about the national historic trails and the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program in a digital format. We create maps, lists, tables, graphics, reports, and other products to assist in the protection, development, and promotion of national historic trails. Visit our GIS Data webpage for national historic trail alignment data.

Technical Assistance

  • Database development and management

  • Support for field data collection

  • Search for other available data sets

  • Spatial analysis and map production

  • Implementation of trail data standards

  • Metadata development and management

  • Data and information request coordination

  • Partner training on GIS, GPS, and related technologies

  • Partner mapping project support

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Last updated: January 10, 2020