Discover the "Silent City" of Rocks!

Emigrants of the California Trail describe the rocks here in vivid detail as "a city of tall spires,” “steeple rocks," and "the silent city." Today, this backcountry byway attracts rock climbers, campers, hikers, hunters, and those with the spirit of adventure. There's inspirational scenery, exceptional opportunities for geologic study, and remnants of the Old West awaiting your discovery.

Colorful climber ascends granite pinnacle called the Anteater

Things To Do

Not sure what to do or how long to plan your visit? Check out "Things to Do" page with links to maps, brochures and interpretive booklets.

California Trail replica wagons face a desert sunrise

California Trail Replica Wagons

There’s a rich history running through the Reserve. Come explore historic wagon trails to California and stagecoach roads to gold mines.

A single-leaf pinyon pine holds two cones with ripe pine nuts

Idaho's Rare Pinyon Pine

Single-leaf Pinyon Pine (Pinus monophylla); pinenuts are gathered usually Labor Day through mid-September. (Pinaceae Family)

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