Superintendent's Compendium

Updated March, 2018


Compendium of Designations, Closures, Request Requirements and Other Restrictions imposed under the discretionary authority of the Superintendent of Cape Cod National Seashore.

In accordance with regulations and the delegation authority provided in Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, Parts 1 through 7, authorized by Title 54, United States Code, the following regulatory provisions are established for the property management, protection, government and public use of the portions of Cape Cod National Seashore under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

Unless otherwise stated, these regulatory provisions apply in addition to the requirements contained in 36 CFR, Chapter 1.


Visiting Hours, Public Use Permits, Closures and Area Designations (36 CFR §1.5)

Activities That Require a Permit (36 CFR §1.6)

Resource Protection, Public Use, and Recreation (36 CFR, Part 2)

Boating and Water Use Activities (36 CFR, Part 3)

Vehicles and Traffic Safety (36 CFR, Part 4)

Appendix 1 Special Regulations (36 CFR §7.67)

Appendix 2 Demonstration Sites

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Superintendent's Compendium

Last updated: May 8, 2018

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