Activities That Require a Permit (36 CFR 1.6)


(f) The following is a compilation of those activities for which a permit from the superintendent is required:
  • §1.5(d) Relating to Public Use Limits:
  • To implement a public use limit, the superintendent may establish a permit, registration, or reservation system. Permits shall be issued in accordance with the criteria and procedures of 36 CFR §1.6.
    • Overnight fishing permits (parking)
    • Fire permits
  • §1.6(a) Scientific Research
  • §2.5(a) Specimen Collection
  • §2.12 Audio Disturbances:
  • (a)(2) Operating a chain saw in developed areas
  • (a)(4) Operation of a public address system in connection with a public gathering or special event for which a permit has been issued pursuant to §2.50 or §2.51
  • §2.17 Aircraft & Air Delivery:
  • (a)(3) Delivery or retrieval of a person or object by parachute, helicopter or other airborne means
  • (c)(1) Removal of downed aircraft
  • §2.23(b) Entrance
  • §2.37 Soliciting or demanding gifts, money goods or services (Pursuant to the terms and conditions of a permit issued under §2.50, §2.51 or §2.52)
  • §2.38 Explosives:
  • (a) Use, possess, store, transport explosives, blasting agents
  • (b) Use or possess fireworks
  • §2.50 Special Events (i.e.: large gatherings, walkathons, bicycle events, parades, ceremonies and similar events)
  • §2.51 Public Assembly and Meetings
  • §2.52 Sale or Distribution of Printer Matter
  • §2.60(b) Livestock use and agriculture
  • §2.61 Residing on Federal Lands
  • §2.62 Memorialization
  • §4.11(a) Exceeding of established vehicle load, weight and size limits
  • §5.1 Advertisements – (Display, posting or distribution)
  • §5.3 Business Operations (Incidental Business Permit)
  • §5.5 Commercial Photography
  • §5.6(c) Use of commercial vehicles on park area roads (The superintendent shall issue a permit to access private lands within or adjacent to the park when access is otherwise not available)
  • §5.7 Construction of buildings, facilities, trails, roads, boat docks, path, structure, etc.
  • §7.67(a)(4) Off Road Vehicle (See 36 CFR §7.67 Special Regulations)
  • §7.67(f) Spring turkey hunt (See 36 CFR §7.67 Special Regulations)
  • Policy 14-05 Interim Policy – Unmanned Aircraft Use

All recreation, film, photo or business permits are coordinated out of the Chief Ranger’s office. All Research and Collection permits are coordinated out of the Natural Resource Management and Science Chief’s office. All permits related to “Seashore Partners” and the Highland Center are coordinated out of the Superintendent’s office. Fire permits are issued at the Visitor Centers, Oversand Office or Ranger Stations. Night time parking permits (fishing access) are issued at the Visitor Centers or the Ranger Stations. Off-Road vehicle permits are issued out of the Oversand Office near Race Point Beach.

Last updated: May 23, 2017

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