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EcoLogik STEM Summer Day Camp for girls creates champions for nature, innovators in STEM, warriors for environmental stewardship, and leaders for their communities. Hear their stories in this video introduction to an extraordinary program.


The EcoLogik Project is a unique fusion of ecology, nature, and technology; EcoLogik connects the next generation of science stewards to the natural resources and science at Cabrillo National Monument. In collaboration with the San Diego Downtown Library’s Innovation Lab, this multidisciplinary approach fosters a learning platform making technology more accessible to students while inspiring them to choose careers in STEM fields. The goal of the EcoLogik Project is to provide education tools and context empowering the 21st century of park stewards in meaningful and relevant ways with science.


Ecologik Workshops


Virtual Workshops

It's a new year, which means we have NEW virtual workshop offerings for you! These STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) workshops are lead by scientists for young adventurers, and cover a variety of topics such as animal superpowers (adaptations), mating behavior, and more!


  • 5/15/24, 4:30 - 5:30 PM - Fool Proof online on Zoom JUST ADDED!


Banner of 5 photographs: girl holding antennae and plush rattlesnake; girl taking picture of plant; girl building circuit; fox lying on its side; 3D-printed octopus.


In-person Workshops

Join STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) professionals for a 1.5 – 3-hour workshop exploring the real science conducted in America’s National Parks. Participants will use technology to investigate real-world problems and learn ways to solve them, empowering them to preserve and protect nature and sparking an interest in STEM. These workshops are free to the public, and can be located at Cabrillo, libraries, and other community spaces around the county. They include topics such as:

  • Radio Telemetry – learn how scientists track animals in the wild through radio signals, and what that data can tell us about an ecosystem by mapping your findings.
  • 3D Printing – ever wanted to learn how to 3D print? Discover how to create a model of some of the animals we find in the Cabrillo tidepools.
  • Biologgers – how can computer programming help with wildlife conservation? Conduct an experiment with technology that helps scientists understand how temperature changes can affect animal health
  • Biodiversity Snapshot – scientists can’t be everywhere at once, so it’s important to crowdsource science! Learn how you can contribute to scientific discoveries using tools many of us have in the palm of our hands
  • Camera Traps – how do scientists monitor the park when they aren’t around? Explore technology that enables scientists to learn about the ecosystem and try your hand at using this tech yourself.
  • Weather Investigators - have you ever wondered how scientists decide what to study? How about how they turn their curiosity about a subject into an experiment? In the Weather Investigators workshop you will follow the path of real environmental scientists working with the National Park Service to help them investigate a mysterious weather event at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego’s only national park.
  • FLIR Cameras - whether you're a reptile that needs the sun to warm up, or a whale that's evolved ways to deal with the freezing temperatures of the deep sea, all animals exchange heat with their environment. Why is this important to know? Because in this era of climate change, many animals can't keep up with changing temperatures. In this workshop, join marine scientists for a look through a special lens and examine how different organisms survive and thrive in their habitats.
  • Gyotaku Prints - since the dawn of humanity, people have been using art to make sense of the world around them. In this workshop, explore a traditional Japanese method of printing fish, a practice which dates back to the mid-1800s. First used by fisherman to document their catches, now used by scientists and artists to learn anatomy and to create a lifelike impression of an organism. In this workshop, learn about local fishes from marine scientists while making a work of art of your own.


  • 3/9/24, time TBD - FLIR Cameras at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • 6/1/24, time TBD - Gyotaku Prints at Scripps Institution of Oceanography



EcoLogik After School

White lighthouse sits on rocky cliff with hillside that stretches to ocean; white letters read "Let's Go On a Quest!" with "EcoLogik Nature x Tech" logo.

Are you a 4-12 educator looking for after school programming, or know someone who is? EcoLogik After School is a FREE, virtual, 2-4 week after school program designed for students to learn more about science through hands-on learning and art. We are currently recruiting teachers and groups to participate. For more information, read the program description or reach out to EcoLogik Director Sam Wynns at

Ready to sign up? Register for your after-school programming.


Ecologik Summer Day Camp

The Cabrillo National Monument Foundation, County of San Diego, and San Diego Foundation are proud sponsors of the EcoLogik STEM Summer Day Camp.

Group of women and girls pose for picture with San Diego Bay and the city in the background. In the corner is the "EcoLogik Nature x Tech" logo.

EcoLogik is a free 2-week STEM summer day camp for underrepresented female and female identifying youth, ages 10 - 16. This unique program fuses ecology and technology to connect youth to the natural resources and science of America's National Parks. Camp will explore the themes of biodiversity, marine science, nature photography, and so much more!

For more information on EcoLogik, check out this beautiful new ARC GIS storymap.

Note: If your child has attended EcoLogik Summer Day Camp before they cannot attend again. However, students aged 13+ may apply for a camp counselor role at

Applications for 2024’s EcoLogik Summer Day Camps are now closed.

Please come back next year, when applications open for 2025 on Saturday, April 5th at noon!

Last updated: May 1, 2024

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