Centennial Celebration

A black and white photo of a large columnular rock formation with a woman in a dress standing on a nearby trail.
Thor's Hammer circa 1917

J.W. Humphrey Photo courtesy of his daughter Alice Jensen

Nature's Fairyland: A Century of Wonder

A lot has happened here in the last 100 years: the rim of the Bryce Amphitheater has retreated an average of 22 inches, 18,000 freeze and thaw cycles have shaped and toppled countless hoodoos, the sun has risen 36,889 times over Thor's Hammer (not to mention innumerable stars every night), a beloved national park was created, and perhaps you got to see it for the very first time. Rangers like to call a person’s first view their "Bryce Moment": when the forested plateau rim suddenly gives way to a vast, sublime and chromatic expanse. Some have described it as “a cave without a ceiling”, others “a forest of stone" or "red painted faces". What do you see in this landscape? What words could ever do it justice?

Throughout this centennial year we will provide opportunities to reflect on this park's rich past, vibrant present, and the next century of wonder to come. Our goal is to be reflective and inclusive, and we invite you to check this webpage throughout the year as we add more stories, events, and ways to connect with your park.

A Brief History

Bryce Canyon National Monument was originally established by President Harding on June 8, 1923 and administered by the U.S. Forest Service to preserve the “unusual scenic beauty, scientific interest, and importance.” On June 7, 1924, Congress would establish Utah National Park with the stipulation that all state and private land within its boundaries must first belong to the United States. On February 25, 1928 "Utah National Park" was changed to "Bryce Canyon National Park". Conditions of the 1924 congressional bill were met later that year, and Bryce Canyon National Park was officially established on September 15, 1928.


A Park Timeline

A tall orange rock spire against a blue sky, text aboe reds help preserve and protect bryce canyon national park
The Bryce Canyon Association supports the park as its official non-profit partner.

Supporting Bryce Canyon

Hoodoo You Love? If your experience of Bryce Canyon National Park feels like an ongoing love story, you're not alone. The Bryce Canyon Association is here to channel that love into meaningful support.

The Bryce Canyon Association (BCA) is dedicated to assisting the National Park Service in furthering its scientific, educational, historical, and interpretive activities. The BCA's mission is to enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of this national park.

First established as the park's official non-profit partner in 1961, the BCA and its members have contributed over 10 million dollars in support of:

  • Free publications
  • Annual festivals and special events
  • The Junior Ranger program
  • Resource management research and activities
  • Citizen Science Events
  • Cultural youth outreach programs
  • Scholarships and internship opportunities
  • Search and Rescue equipment and supplies
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Bryce Canyon's recycling program

Your Visitor Center purchases and Membership directly support Bryce Canyon

Through exclusive publications, merchandise, and programs the BCA helps people not only better understand and connect with the park but directly support its mission with their purchases.

Ready to do more? By joining the Association, you take an active role in your park's future. Members also enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts at more than 400 Public Lands Alliance stores around the country. Learn more at www.BryceCanyon.org


Centennial Events

A variety of virtual and in-person activities and events will occur in Bryce Canyon National Park throughout 2023. Browse our list of events below, follow us on social media and use #BRYCE100 to share your centennial experiences. Events and details will be added and updated throughout the year, so check back often!


Event List

Last updated: August 30, 2023

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