Citizen Scientists

Volunteers survey invasive species on the dock of Thompson Island.
Volunteers survey invasive species on the Thompson Island dock.

Volunteer Citizen Scientists help us understand the flora and fauna that live and breed on the islands and the environmental factors that influence them. Get involved! Join us for a Stewardship Saturday program.

As volunteers you may:

  • Contribute data on eBird, or work with park staff on specific Waterbird Monitoring efforts. You can learn more about bird watching at All About Birds.
  • Assist in the field or lab with efforts to identify insects and other invertebrates in the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI).
  • Support park staff on the Marine Invasive Monitoring Information Collaborative (MIMIC), a long-term effort to identify and understand invasive marine species in and around the islands, including Rocky Intertidal Zones.
  • Help with Early Pest Detection by surveying, monitoring, and responding to invasive plants, animals and insects.
  • Participate in the Phenology Monitoring Study to establish baseline data that will allow scientists to assess the effects of climate change on island plants and habitats over time.

Last updated: April 13, 2020

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