Marine Invasives

Field notes and a sample.
Field guide, notes and a sample used by volunteers.
Marine Invasives Monitoring Information Collaborative (MIMIC)
The National Park Service and the Boston Harbor Islands Partnership are developing a long-term monitoring program of invasive marine organisms in the Boston Harbor Islands. The monitoring program, called MIMIC (Marine Invasive Monitoring Information Collaborative), relies on a network of trained volunteers who are working to identify new invaders before they spin out of control, and to better understand the behavior of established species. The volunteers use a protocol and identification cards to help properly document their findings:

Aquatic Invasive Species ID Cards
» MIMIC Protocol for Boston Harbor Islands (PDF - 110kb)

If you are interested in volunteering, please review the documents below and register for a program on Stewardship Saturdays. For more information on aquatic invasive species, go to the Aquatic Invasive Species Program on the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management website.

Ranger uses a refractometer to check water salinity.
A ranger demonstrates how to check water salinity with a refractometer.

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