Hickory Creek Savannah Unit

boardwalk path leading through pine forest
The boardwalk winds its way through a longleaf pine forest on the Sundew Trail.

NPS Photo / Scott Sharaga

705 acres
Tyler County


  • Hiking
  • Accessible trail
  • Birdwatching
  • Picnic area


The Hickory Creek Savannah Unit showcases carnivorous plants in a wetland pine savannah ecosystem. Take the Sundew Trail to search for tiny, carnivorous sundews. Can you find them? They are about the same size as a quarter. Look for sundews growing next to the boardwalk through the pitcher plant bog and along the pipeline right-of-way. A covered picnic area at the trailhead provides a pleasant place to enjoy lunch or a snack.

close up view of sundew plants
Pink sundews. Look closely and you can see tiny insects caught on the sundews' leaves.

NPS Photo


Sundews are one of four types of carnivorous plants that live in the Big Thicket. Pitcher plants may also be seen on the boardwalk section of the Sundew Trail. Butterworts and bladderworts are much less common and harder to find. The pipeline right-of-way, though manmade, provides the ideal, sunny habitat for sundews. Look for tiny insects trapped in the plants’ sticky, dew-like droplets.

The primary plant community in the Hickory Creek Savannah Unit is wetland pine savannah, but you may encounter baygall and arid sandyland areas as well. The Sundew Trail is partially shaded by a canopy of longleaf pine and other species.



  • Sundew Trail (1-mile loop)



The Sundew Trail is about 15 miles north of Kountze and 4 miles south of Warren. From US 69/287, go west on FM 2827, and then turn left (south) on County Road 1910. Follow the signs to the trailhead.

pipeline right-of-way in a pine forest
Look for sundews where the Sundew Trail crosses the pipeline right-of-way.

NPS Photo / Scott Sharaga

covered picnic area in the forest
Enjoy a shaded picnic at the start of the Sundew Trail.

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