Mooring Buoys in the Park

The park maintains for public use several mooring buoys throughout the park. Mooring buoys help preserve the fragile coral reef ecosystem by preventing anchors, ropes and chains from striking and damaging coral. They also provide a convenient way to secure boats. Mooring buoys are located adjacent to some of the more popular reefs in the park and more are on the way.

Many of these mooring buoys can be found on this map. Click here for each location's coordinates and water depth.

Please note that due to several environmental factors, any given mooring buoy may be damaged or missing upon your arrival. Be sure to make alternate back up plans should this be the case at your intended destination.

Maps Relating to Fishing Regulations

For the most part, fishing regulations in Biscayne National Park follow those of the State of Florida. There are, however, several exceptions relating to bag limits, Coral Reef Protection Areas (CRPAs), crab and lobster trapping, and more. For more information on these rules and regulations visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission page here.

Last updated: July 17, 2023

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