Mooring Buoy Locations

Fowey Rocks Lighthouse mooring buoys
Zoom lens view of Fowey Rocks Lighthouse and mooring buoys (the buildings in background are much farther away than they appear).

NPS image by Ana Zangroniz

Below is a list of sites with mooring buoys available for use by park visitors. We have provided a general location for those sites where, as indicated in the table, multiple mooring balls are available. Upon arriving at the site, you can choose which specific mooring buoy to use. Many of these sites are in shallow water; approach mooring sites slowly so that you can properly read the water and avoid causing damage to natural and cultural resources.
Site Latitude Longitude Depth (feet)
Alicia wreck (multiple) 25°24.764' N 080°07.647' W 19-20
Alina Reef 25°23.183' N 080°09.779' W 18
Anniversary Reef (multiple) 25°23.295' N 080°09.864' W 9-14
Arratoon Apcar wreck (multiple) 25°35.502' N 080°05.712' W 17-19
Bache Shoal (multiple) 25°29.093' N 080°08.940' W 13-15
Ball Buoy Reef (multiple) 25°18.966' N 080°11.290' W 18
Brewster Canyon 25°34.525' N 080°05.953' W 31
Elkhorn Reef 25°21.777' N 080°09.952' W 9
Erl King wreck (multiple) 25°25.469' N 080°07.450' W 15-20
Fowey Canyon 25°35.870' N 080°05.720' W 30
Fowey Rocks Lighthouse (multiple) 25°35.299' N 080°05.769' W 20
Long Reef Pool 25°24.845' N 080°08.230' W 23
Lugano wreck (multiple) 25°26.651' N 080°07.179' W 18-22
Mandalay Wreck (multiple) 25°26.534' N 080°07.279' W 8-10
Pacific Reef 25°22.197' N 080°08.349' W 19
Rocky Reef (multiple) 25°20.077' N 080°09.707' W 23-26
Schooner wreck (multiple) 25°23.937' N 080°09.655' W 10-11
Shark Reef 25°20.290' N 080°10.064' W 12
Soldier Key 25°35.272' N 080°09.179' W 11
The Drop (multiple) 25°21.967' N 080°08.261' W 42-47
Triumph Reef (multiple) 25°28.599' N 080°06.678' W 14-18
All mooring buoys are through-line 18 inch white plastic buoys with a blue reflective line. Moor by passing a deck line through the tag line attached to the buoy. Approach the mooring buoys with caution and use an appropriate amount of scope. Mooring buoy use is limited to four hours by any one boat.

Last updated: July 26, 2017

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