Sullivan's Knob Trail

Sullivan's Knob Trail in the summer
Sullivan's Knob Trail

Photo by AIRs Diane Durant & Devyn Gaudet

Sullivan's Trail Map

Sullivan’s Knob Trail: Easy to Moderate, 0.75 Mile Round Trip

A mile north of the Devil Canyon Overlook junction, you will see Sullivan’s Knob. Begin your hike from the parking area. Below the parking area two trails meet. One, an ancient trail, known as the Bad Pass Trail, was seasonally traversed by American Indians moving between the Bighorn Basin and the Northern Plains. Nature is in the process of reclaiming this trail and at times it seems to be camouflaged by the juniper, mountain mahogany, and sagebrush. The other, a modern trail, will lead the visitor south of the hill in front of the parking area and to the canyon rim. This is a great place to try making the canyon walls echo.

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Last updated: December 6, 2022

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