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Wild horses are some of the most beloved animals in Bighorn Canyon NRA.

Shawn Williams

Friends of Bighorn Lake has always been one of the best partners for Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. They have helped the park create a waterways trail guide, and they always help manage the triathlon each summer. These are just a few ways the Friends of Bighorn Lake help the park. We also have our traditional volunteers who do numerous jobs that are extremely beneficial to the park. Volunteers work as campground hosts, haul recyclable materials to the recycler, work at the visitor center, and work with the historic preservation crews. These are just a few ways that volunteers help our parks around the country. VIP stands for Volunteers in the Parks, but we all know that it also stands for Very Important Persons, which our volunteers all are all the way across the country. You can contact : for ways to help the Friends of Bighorn Lake, and you can call the visitor center in Lovell, Wyoming at: 307-548-5406 to also volunteer in the park.

Last updated: September 7, 2015

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