Commerce, Culture, and Cooperation at a Crossroads

In the 1840s the Arkansas River was the border between territory claimed by the United States and Mexico. Located along the river, Bent's Fort was an adobe trading post on the Santa Fe Trail, where traders, trappers, travelers, and the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes came together in peaceful terms for trade. Today, a reconstructed fort allows visitors to explore the front line of Westward Expansion. Read More

A ranger greets visitors at the entrance to the fort.
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Indian Trade Room with trade goods that would have been available in the 1840's
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A nighttime view of the adobe fort with lanterns visible
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Bison robes arrayed in a courtyard
The Business of Bison

Bent’s Fort was built first and foremost for the growing bison robe trade. This trade would transform the southern plains.

Men unload a wagon pulled by oxen in front of an adobe fort
Trade Starts With A Secure Adobe Fort

Learn more about this multi-cultural and multilingual trading post on the western borderlands.

Last updated: June 30, 2024

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