Series: Kids in Paleo

Meet some aspiring paleontologists.

  • Article 1: Girl Scouts Help Tule Springs Video Project

    saber tooth cat

    Something cool is happening in the desert near Las Vegas. A new National Monument has been created for giant ice age fossils found at Tule Springs. Girl Scout Troop 41 proposed making a video to help spread the word. The result is a video field trip to the park and a whole lot of community support! Read more

  • Article 2: Curator for a Day

    boy wearing lab coat

    Eli Navant has an extraordinary story to tell about his passion for prehistoric life! "...on November 1, 2012 I had my first official interview. The staff at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science interviewed me for the position of Vice President of Research and Collections..." Read more

  • Badlands National Park

    Article 3: Kylie's Fossil Find

    Young girl in hiking attire standing amid badlands formations on a sunny day.

    In May of 2010, seven-year-old Kylie Ferguson, from Georgia, participated in a Jr. Paleontologist program at Badlands National Park, South Dakota. Just a few hundred feet from the visitor center, Kylie found a rare museum-quality saber tooth cat skull. Read more

  • Article 4: “Clarissasaurus”

    Clarissa working in a fossil quarry.

    Meet a young paleontologist who has a fossil named in her honor. Clarissa's story is now told in a book titled, "Dinogirl: The story of a Girl and a Dinosaur" by Denise Porcello Read about Clarissa's inspiring dino digs! Read more

  • Article 5: Dino Club!

    girl's face

    Learn about some of the cool things that other kids who love fossils are doing. Read about Samantha's Dino Club! Read more

  • Article 6: Meet the Author

    color drawing of mammoth and girl

    Olivia McConnell lives in South Carolina. Olivia loves science. She wanted her state to have an official "state fossil" so she worked hard to get the Columbian mammoth named as her state's fossil. Now, she's written a book based on her real life experience of taking action to celebrate fossils! Read more