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Samantha loves fossils and shared her story with other National Fossil Day kids as the first contributor to the new Aspiring Paleontologists series.

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Samantha's Dino Club

Did you ever join a club and liked meeting new kids, but didn't like the projects or work? That's what happened to me.

I've always loved dinosaurs very much and I wanted other kids to like them too. So I started my own club last year called, Dino Club. My mother and I thought of the things we liked and didn't like from other clubs to create our own club. I also help out with the planning of each meeting by suggesting fun craft ideas, and picking the dinosaur images for our badges that we earn.

We are unlike other clubs in some ways because we allow more play time afterwards so we can get to know each other better. But like other clubs, we have a snack and earn badges for attendance.

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Samantha's activity vest is filling up with pins and badges.

Photo © Dino Mom.

This year we learned about the rock cycle, the fossilization process, searched for fossils from a real dig site, did a bunch of dinosaur crafts, and had a field trip to the museum. I love field trips about dinosaurs!

My friends also liked to help in planning some crafts for a meeting. Like the time we studied "Dinosaurs in Hollywood". We had a "Night at the Oscars" craft theme that a friend suggested. And another friend wrote a story about Phillip the Dino and read it to us. I also told my friends about a new dinosaur I learned called a Giganotosaurus. Some friends told other friends about our club, and we had Dino Guests for some meetings. That was fun!

I'm glad I started this club. I've met more kids that are a lot like me. And I can't wait until next year. We're going into the world of dinosaurs. If you like dinosaurs too, start a club near you. It's lots of fun! Or you can join mine!
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By the way, my dream is to bring back a dinosaur as a pet, like Jack Horner.

Samantha R. Guyader
Age: 7 Grade: 2

Last updated: August 25, 2017