Girl Scouts Help Tule Springs Video Project

girl scout troop 41
Thanks to Girl Scout Troop 41 and the students of Clark County School District for helping to make a video introducing the new park in their neighborhood—Tule Springs National Monument!

Tule Springs National Monument (Nevada), one of the newest fossil parks in the National Park System, has a new video starring Kids! You can join in with Clark County students as they meet with the park superintendent and take a walking tour the park's ice age past, see the video below.

The video was conceived by Las Vegas area Girl Scout Troop 41. As we looked at rolling out the beginnings of the park education effort, we included Mirrorajah Metcalf of the troop to be the student voice on our workgroup. The education rollout coincided with the Protector's of Tule Springs fundraising drive in the schools called the Mammoth Penny Push.

mammoth skeleton
The Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) is one ot the extinct species found in Tule Springs National Monument, Nevada.

The girl scouts, working with Sherri Grotheer of the Protectors, drafted a script and story boarded the video concept. The Las Vegas Public Broadcasting Station volunteered to film the video under the direction of Producer Matt Christensen.

As part of the kickoff of the education program and the start of the Mammoth Penny Push, the video was shown throughout the Clark County School District which is the fifth largest school district in the country. Approximately 327,000 school children saw it over a two week period.

girl scout ranger badge
Girls can participate in the Girl Scout Ranger Program through a troop, event, travel, or camp experience, and will be awarded a program certificate and/or patch upon completion for their Girl Scout grade level.

The video, conceived of by students and produced for students, has really helped raise the awareness of the new National Park unit and has served as a call to action to help preserve and protect the park.

Last updated: August 25, 2017