Monroe Area High School Science Outreach

Ms. Haley Nagle's AP Environmental Science class.
Pictured above, from left to right:
Front row, Susanna Kennedy, Anijah Guzman, Dylan Narain, and Ny'Asia Keys.
Middle row, Caeden Mason, Annabelle Bindraban, Katlyn Phelps, Meghann Wright, Grace Swafford, Marissa Wilkins, Danielle Jackson, and Ms. Haley Nagle.
Back row: Johnathan Elgie, John Ramming, Garren Walker, Sarah Gonshorowski, Bailey Murray, Rain Bell, Myranda Perkins, Jake Stonebraker, Savannah Brooks, and Darnell Green. Not pictured: Jared Thao and Nelson Xiong.

NPS Photo / Wendy Wright

Monroe Area High School students in Haley Nagle's Advanced Placement Environmental Science class recently helped the science communication staff at the Southeast Coast Network with a very special project.

The network was performing an overhaul on its website, and needed help simplifying the language that communicated what the inventory and monitoring network was all about. Students were tasked with researching the vital signs monitoring programs, and reading about the monitoring programs on the old website. Much of the text was written at a graduate student or PhD level, and was not very user friendly.

The students successfully compiled all of the information, and rewrote it in simple, easy to understand language. Now everyone can be in the know about I&M!

You can see the results of their hard work on the following web pages:

Estuarine Water Quality Monitoring
Wadeable Stream Monitoring
Vegetation Community Monitoring
Landbird Community Monitoring
Amphibian Community Monitoring
Shoreline Change Monitoring
Salt Marsh Elevation Monitoring

Thanks for all of your help!

For more information about science communication at the Southeast Coast Network, please contact Wendy Wright.

Last updated: May 1, 2018