First Day Hikes

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Kick off the new year on the right foot! National parks are a great place to begin your new year's resolution of enjoying the health benefits of parks while also admiring the stunning winter scenery.

"First Day Hikes" is a tradition started by state park systems inviting everyone to take a hike in a park on January 1 to encourage healthy activities in the outdoors all year long. Whether you walk, run, or even bike or paddle, come out to explore the trails in your national parks too!

Step 1: Find a park
Step 2: Plan ahead
Step 3: Set a goal
Step 4: Step off!
Step 5: Repeat until you reach your goal for the year

If you are heading to a national park on January 1—or any other day of the year—remember to recreate responsibly to promote health and safety of everyone. Share your experience and inspire others on social media using #FirstDayHikes and #YourParkStory!

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Trails & Hiking

Learn more about hiking and trails across the National Park System, including where to go, tips, and ways to get involved.

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Hike Smart

Whether going for a rough and tough wilderness hike or a casual stroll on a paved trail, get tips for a fun, safe hike.

Ranger holding a phone displaying the NPS App

The free NPS App can help before and during your hike to make the most of your experience.

National Park Challenges

Need more motivation? Join a mileage challenge hosted by a park.

Hiking and Trail Events

Set the calendar to January to find ranger-led First Day Hikes in national parks. You can also use the calendar to find other events on trails hosted by national parks year-round.

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Want to volunteer? Volunteer events will soon display directly on the NPS Event Calendar. Until then, visit to find ways to volunteer!

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Trip Ideas

Need some ideas of where to go? Check out these trip ideas from rangers to plan your trail excursion.

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    Last updated: December 31, 2022