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Credit Archive Diocese of Tucson
Event ID: 3094 Book: Tumacácori Page Number: 198
Event: Burial Event Date: 02/10/1788 Event Place: Tumacácori
276– Andres Duran
En el año del Señor de mil setecientos ochenta y ocho, día nueve de febrero, volvió su alma a Dios en sus casa Andres Duran, párvulo de dos meses, e hijo de Juan Antonio Duran y de María Guadalupe Ramirez. Fue enterrado en la iglesia día diez del referido mes. Para que conste lo firmo dicho día, mes, y año ut supra.
Fray Balthasar Carrillo (rúbrica)

276 – Andres Duran
In the year of the Lord 1788, on the 9th of February, Andres Duran, an infant of two months and the son of Juan Antonio Duran and María Guadalupe Ramirez, returned his soul to God at his home. He was buried in the church on the 10th of the said month, in certification of which I sign on the said day, month, and year as above.
Friar Balthasar Carrillo (rubric)
Event Relationship [4 Records]

Personal ID: 2110 Given Name: María Guadalupe Surname: Ramirez Relationship: Mother
Personal ID: 2577 Given Name: Baltasar Surname: Carrillo Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 2613 Given Name: Juan Antonio Surname: Durán Relationship: Father
Personal ID: 8148 Given Name: Andrés Surname: Durán Relationship: Deceased
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