• Sunlight illuminates the top of historic Mission San José de Tumacácori church.


    National Historical Park Arizona

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  • Anza Trail Impassable in Areas

    Due to a large flood event, sections of the Anza Trail between the mission grounds and Tubac are impassable to both hikers and horses. Visitors may use the trail north to the first river crossing, but travel beyond that point is not recommended.

  • Pet Policy

    In compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations and Superintendent's Compendium, Tumacácori prohibits pets from all government buildings and the mission grounds. More »



Dates and names, yes.  Also love, fear, ambition, and many other components to the human experience.

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"History is boring. It's just dates and names."

Have you heard this statement? Do you share its sentiment? While any field of study can be reduced to facts, figures, and statistics, history is made up of real people living real lives as dramatic and emotional as any we live today. The people of Tumacácori suffered hardships and celebrated joyful occasions. They worked, they played, they cuddled their children, they shared jokes and bad hair days. Some changed the course of history for an entire region, others made small but significant contributions to their families and communities.

Discover some of the people who lived, loved, and lost here at Tumacácori:

Jesuit missionaries Franciscan missionaries
Native people Women of the Pimería Alta
Settlers Soldiers
Political leaders

Did You Know?

Apache Warrior

Some Apaches raided somewhere in the Pimería Alta during the full moon nearly every month, using the darkness for cover and the light of the moon to travel swiftly.