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Credit Bancroft Library, Berkeley, CA
Event ID: 2454 Book: Magdalena-B Page Number: 62
Event: Baptism Event Date: 11/05/1776 Event Place: Santa Ana
Notes: The bottom of page 61 is rotted away and the name of the child who was baptized has been lost. The record reads as follows: -----village of Santa Ana-----Noviember 5----of Joseph Xavier de la Parra, and of María Rosa Rodriguez, Spaniards and residents of the said village. Godparents were Francisco Xavier Salazar and María Martina Pérez Serrano, who were advised of the parentage and obligations they were contracting. For this truth, in this mission of San Ignacio where I have retreated because the Piatos and Seris destroyed and burned the village of Santa María Magdalena, which was under my care, on the sixteenth of this month, I sign on November 18 of the aforementioned year. Fr. Pedro Font
Event Relationship [5 Records]

Personal ID: 6139 Given Name: Pedro Surname: Font Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 6719 Given Name: José Xavier de la Surname: Parra Relationship: Father
Personal ID: 6720 Given Name: María Rosa Surname: Rodriguez Relationship: Mother
Personal ID: 6721 Given Name: Francisco Xavier Ignacio Surname: Salazar Relationship: Godfather
Personal ID: 6722 Given Name: María Martina Surname: Pérez Serrano Relationship: Godmother
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