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Credit Bancroft Library, Berkeley, CA
Event ID: 2452 Book: Magdalena-B Page Number: 60
Event: Baptism Event Date: 07/21/1774 Event Place: Magdalena
Notes: I found the following three entries (2450, 2451, and 2452) on three loose sheets of paper and, so that they would not be lost, I copied them as follows: --- and in verification of the truth of these three entries, I signed on November 18, 1776. Fr. Pedro Font
Event Relationship [6 Records]

Personal ID: 5629 Given Name: Francisco Surname: Pérez Serrano Relationship: Godfather
Personal ID: 5849 Given Name: Manuel Surname: Carrasco Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 6139 Given Name: Pedro Surname: Font Relationship: Copyist
Personal ID: 6712 Given Name: José Francisco Surname: Salazar Relationship: Baptized
Personal ID: 6713 Given Name: Juan Francisco Surname: Salazar Relationship: Father
Personal ID: 6714 Given Name: María Dolores Surname: Otero Relationship: Mother
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