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Credit Archive Diocese of Tucson
Event ID: 1858 Book: Tumacácori Page Number: 14
Event: Baptism Event Date: 01/08/1775 Event Place: Tumacácori
Notes: 128 – Ygnacio Antonio of Tubac was baptized in Tumacácori. On the 8th of January of this present year of 1775 the Reverend Father Fray Francisco Garcés solemnly baptized a child born a few days before and gave him the name Ygnacio Antonio. He is the legitimate son of Joseph Pacheco and María Carmen Romero, residents of the presidio of Tubac. His godparents were Joseph Domingo Granillo and María Dolores de Mesa, residents of the said presidio, and for this truth I signed = Fray Gaspar de Clemente (rubric)
Event Relationship [7 Records]

Personal ID: 1154 Given Name: María del Carmen Surname: Romero Relationship: Mother
Personal ID: 1200 Given Name: José Domingo Surname: Granillo Relationship: Godfather
Personal ID: 1543 Given Name: Gaspar de Surname: Clemente Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 4934 Given Name: María Dolores de Surname: Mesa Relationship: Godmother
Personal ID: 4951 Given Name: José Ruiz Surname: Pacheco Relationship: Father
Personal ID: 4957 Given Name: Ignacio Antonio Surname: Pacheco Relationship: Baptized
Personal ID: 4959 Given Name: Francisco Tomás Hermenegildo Surname: Garces Relationship: Oficiador
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