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Credit Bancroft Library, Berkeley, CA
Event ID: 1602 Book: San Ignacio-D Page Number: 113
Event: Burial Event Date: 04/24/1762 Event Place: San Ignacio
Notes: On April 24, [1762], at two o'clock in the afternoon, Father Gaspar Stiger, a Swiss native from the Diocese of Constancia, died in peaceful tranquility, having received the last of the Holy Sacraments. He was born on October 21 in the year of 1695. A secular cleric, he was ordained a priest on the Penticostal Sabath in the year 1719, and after six years as a parish priest in his homeland, he joined the Company of Jesus on October 9, 1725, in which he served with fervor. It followed that he came to the missions of the Indies in the year 1729. He arrived first at the Mission of Carichiqui, where he was sent by his superiors in the year 1731. After two years as the missionary there, he was sent by the Provincial Father, at the request of the Most Illustrious Señor Don Martín de Lisacoechea, Bishop of Durango, to the Pimería Alta and the new Mission of San Xavier del Bac. There, envious of his declaration of the glory of God and his faith in Jesus Christ, the Devil counseled the Indian witch doctors (hechiceros) to kill him. Though they tried on three occasions, it followed that they were unable to do so. God preserved him with His singular providence through the medium of Padre Agustín de Campos, and although he was cleansed of the witchcraft he remained injured all of his life. The three malefactors came to an unfortunate end: one was was overcome by the Devil; another quickly fell dead; and the third was killed by his own family. In the year 1736 he obediently entered the Mission of San Ignacio, which was nearly devoid of people because of the continuous epidemics of small pox and measles and mass movements of the people. However, through his Holy Zeal and unbounded charity, he repopulated the three towns from the Papaguería. Indeed, there were ten families here when he arrived and there are more than a hundred families now at his death. He manifested the same zeal in gathering souls for God. Upon his arrival as a new missionary he breathed and succored everything necessary for the maintenance and subsistance of the missions. In short, he is credited with being a father to the poor and a great giver of alms. (This last statement is written in Latin as follows: "Pater pauperum et magnus elemonsarius dictus et creditus") He was buried beneath the steps of the main altar, on the gospel side in line with where the Mass is celebrated
IHS, Francisco Pauer
Minister of Doctrine for His Majesty
Event Relationship [2 Records]

Personal ID: 937 Given Name: Francisco Xavier Surname: Pauer Relationship: Priest
Personal ID: 3074 Given Name: Gaspar Surname: Stiger Relationship: Deceased
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