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Personal Information

Surname: Haffenrichter Given Name: José Sex: M
Place of Birth: Wildstein, Noricia, Bohemia Date of Birth: 01/10/1729 Order: Jesuit
Place of Death: San Ignacio Date of Death: 03/07/1762 Cause of Death: Fever
Race or Tribe: Bohemio Residence: Átil Title: Misionero (IHS); Buried in the church at San Ignacio
Place of Service: Átil Burial Place: San Ignacio-in the church-on the epistle side Translation: (German)
Notes: He came to the missions of the Pimeria Alta in 1761 and administered the mission of Átil. Father Pauer recorded the following at his burial: "Padre Joseph Haffenrichter, a native of Wildstein in Noricia, a district of the Kingdom of Bohemia, died here at San Ignacio on March 7, [1762]. He was born January 10, 1729, and entered the Company of Jesus in the year 1754. He came to the misssions of the Pimería Alta in the year 1761. He administered the Mission of Átil, to the west, where he became ill with fever. Because of this and other unknown symptoms he came to this Mission seeking relief, which in no way could be provided him. However, we have hope that in his tender conscience, virtue, zeal, and exemplary disposition and devotion, coupled with his receiving the Holy Sacraments, he has found immediate rejoicing with his God. He was buried in this church on the Epistle side."

Event Relationship [7 Records]

Event ID: 1601 Relationship: Deceased Event Date: 03/07/1762 View Document A  
Event ID: 7774 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 08/09/1761    
Event ID: 8505 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 08/09/1761    
Event ID: 8734 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 06/21/1760    
Event ID: 9287 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 07/26/1761    
Event ID: 9288 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 08/09/1761    
Event ID: 9547 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 08/20/1761    
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